Hensley Performance of Knoxville, TN Tennessee

Kelly (Hensley) and Tony are a very valuable ingredient to the Hensley Performance team. Not only do they help run the day to day business, they are Matt’s pit crew for his racing endeavor. When in 2004, Matt decided to redo his 1968 Cuda, frame up, Kelly and Tony worked tirelessly. This redo included entirely new designed back half and paint from the metal up. Kelly learned to polish aluminum and nearly wore the ends off her fingers working on Matt’s car.

Kelly and Tony have traveled from Lousiana to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between as Matt’s pit crew. Tony is mainly in charge of the clutch, removing the entire transmission in between rounds, resurfacing the clutch and reinstalling in time for the next round. Kelly is in charge of tires, pressure, wheelie bar settings, videoing the runs and of course, cooking. Tony says they mainly try to make sure that Matt has nothing to worry about except driving. Having family as your pit crew is a wonderful thing.