Hensley Performance of Knoxville, TN Tennessee

MOPAR, itís the only language we speak.

Ken, Matt, Alice, Tony and Kelly, and all the guys that work in our shop welcome you to one of the oldest Mopar shops in the US. Forty some-odd years ago, Kenís father opened the Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in Maynardville, Tn. Ken learned to drive on the dealershipís wrecker. In 1968, the Hensleyís bought the Dodge dealership in Morristown, TN. It was there, in the attic of Hensley Dodge, that Ken and Alice set up their first speed shop. Sent to Alaska by the US Army in 1970, Ken had has father ship all the speed parts to the far north. They (Ken and Alice) divided their tiny apartment in half using the sofa and sold parts out of the other half. Matt was born up there and hates cold weather to this day.

In the many years that followed, they continued to build engines, transmissions and rearends for restoration projects, street cars and full time racers in the southeast. Ken and Alice campaigned several race cars, including a 1963 2-door post, a 1963 Dodge station wagon, a 1968 Dodge Dart, but most importantly a 1968 Factory Hemi Cuda. That was way back in the 70's and 80's and we went racing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Matt and Kelly literally grew up at race tracks and car shows.

Kenís Cuda became a legend at our local track (411 Dragway). He won so many races in a row, that the Chevy guys had a meeting at the Hot Rod Barn and voted on who was going to take Ken out the next weekend. It never happened, Ken once won 9 weekends in a row. He also won the July 4th and Labor Day Extravaganzas three times and was track champion several times. All during those years, Ken built all the engines, transmisssions and rearends. Part of his success was due to his ability to race every weekend. The times we missed racing because of engine failure were very few and far between. People sometimes tell Ken that it is way too expensive to race a Mopar. His answer is always the same....I only have to build my Mopar one time for every 5 times you build your Chevy. Seems to me that is cheaper.